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At the beginning of every year it is a great time to review your life and to have some discussions with yourself: What aspects of your life are you happy with, and which areas need some work in the new year. Inevitably you will look at your finances and if you are like most South Africans, the picture might not look too rosy. Not saving enough, too much debt, not moving forward.

Everyone wants to travel the world and have a carefree retirement to spend time with loved ones but the harsh reality is that the majority of us will have neither. The simple reason is that we don’t have a plan to achieve our financial goals. Enter WealthPro – the first online advisor that will help you plan and achieve all your investment goals.

WealthPro was developed by seasoned, astute advisors Gustav Neethling and Louis van der Merwe. Between them they have 18 years of experience and know exactly what your challenges are and what to do to overcome them.

WealthPro is a goal-based investment portal which means that all your investments are linked to very specific goals that you identify. By having different investments for different investment goals makes it easier to structure and track the investment.

Each person is different and during different times in your life the following goals might be important for you like to Travel the World, Buy a Home, Get an Education, Build a Safety Net or to Save for Retirement.

The process is very simple, making it a convenient and a user friendly experience. We at WealthPro understand that investments can be extremely daunting and want to debunk the myths that investments are only available for professionals or will be complicated.

All you need to do is to register on the site – and follow the steps to be authenticated and verified. You will be taken to the goal calculator screen. Identify which goal you would want to start to plan for, give the goal a name and even add a picture to visualise the goal. You can create as many goals as you wish and only start to fund them once you have the money available to do so.

On the goal screen you will play around with the calculator and choose different goal amounts you want to save for and the monthly contribution you have available. We will give you all the investment figures like your investment horizon, expected return, the amount of growth assets you’ll have and how the investment should look like.

It is as simple as that. Once you are happy with the goal you have identified and the amount you can allocate to the goal you can kick start your investment and complete your personal details. The application is signed online and you simply upload your FICA documents.

During the application process you will see the underlining portfolios that we recommend for your investment goal and all the relevant and important information. Your investment is safely and securely placed directly with Allan Gray – the investment management administrator.

The best part of WealthPro is the ongoing monitoring and tracking of your investment. Check in on a regular basis to see how you are moving toward achieving your goal. This will keep you focussed and determined to achieve your goal. At any stage you can boost your goal and add a lump sum to ensure that you move even faster towards your goal.

WealthPro also has the ability to add your current investments to the platform making it the first wealth management platform available in South Africa.
If at any time you get stuck just send the team a message via the help button and watch how 2016 becomes the year that you will create a breakthrough and achieve all your dreams.

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