Can you really have everything you want in life?

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Can you really have everything you want in life?

Life in South Africa is difficult. You just have to ask anyone how their day was and the complaining will start. Living costs are rapidly increasing, petrol is becoming expensive again, the interest rates are constantly moving higher and let’s rather not mention food prices. More and more people are finding themselves in a tight financial position. Income is not increasing fast enough to keep up with the associated rise in living costs.

So I ask you again. Can you really have everything you want in life?

The answer is a very definitive YES! But how?

The solution is that you will need to have a plan.

You need to be very structured and plan your life in advance. If you don’t you will simply be pulled and pushed by forces out of your control like –

• the government
• the economy
• your employer
• your family/friends

But if you have a well defined plan that you execute with absolute precision YOU’RE in control, not external forces. Your life is divided into different areas like your finances, your health, your religion etc. We believe that if you have a detailed financial plan all the other areas of your life become very easy to deal with. If you won the Lotto tomorrow you would definitely not worry that much about your weight (or get some help to deal with it). That’s why getting your finances fit and taking control of this area of your life first will deliver the greatest results.

So what does a financial plan entail? It is quite simple. You need to sit down and write what financial goals are important to you. Although a detailed financial plan will include insurances, taxes and your will and last testament, start with only focussing on the savings and investments (the fun part).

Do you want to travel to a special destination? You do want to make 100% sure that your child gets the best education? Maybe you want to buy your own home or just renovate your existing one? Whatever the goal is – write it down. Be very specific with amounts and time frames.

Once this is done you can start to prioritise the goals in order of importance. Now that you know what to do you just need to execute the plan and implement what is required to do to save the money required to achieve the goal.

This is where WealthPro is perfectly suited to assist you. WealthPro is a free service offered to you. It will become your personal financial advisor and help you to create the goals, do the calculations on your behalf and when you are ready, execute the savings and investments according to your requirements.

It’s as easy as that. Give it a try. Register and play around on the site. The team is always on hand to assist if you need some help. You owe it to yourself – take control and let the rest of your life transform into something beautiful.

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